I would give Combs’ Coffee 50 stars if Yelp would allow it.  Superlatives just don’t adequately explain that James and his staff are the very best.  I’m fortunate to travel the globe as part of my job and I can say, I’ve never met anyone with a combination of James‘s knowledge and personality.  Bonus that he’s a nice guy and let’s me work in his shop.   Every time I go I learn something new about coffee beans, roasting or chocolate.  Free wifi, great place to make work calls because there’s no loud blaring music.   I buy his house-made chocolate as a treat for friends.   Starting to become more focused on learning teas that James collects from his global travels.   And if that isn’t enough, after I’m finished with my macchiatto, James will always offer me a cup of brewed coffee while I continue to work.   Highly recommend.

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